Orgone Malachite Stone Amethyst Stone With Copper Dust Energetic Pyramid

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Size ( W x H ) : 30  x 30 x  30 mm
Weight : 150 grams approx
Gem Type : Malachite, Amethyst, Green aventurine
Material : SBB Coil, Clear Cast Resin, Copper Shavings, Vibrating Crystal Quartz Point Wrapped with Copper Wire, Copper wire
MOQ : 10 pcs

Orgone Malachite Stone Amethyst Stone with Copper Dust Energetic Pyramid is a unique piece that combines the properties of malachite, amethyst, and copper. This pyramid is designed to promote healing and balance by utilizing the powerful energy of these stones. The malachite is known for its ability to help heal emotional traumas and promote growth, while the amethyst is a powerful spiritual tool that brings peace and clarity. The copper dust adds to the overall energy of the pyramid by amplifying its properties.

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