Orgone 7 Chakra Baby Reiki Pyramid Set With Reiki Box



Size ( W x H ) : 20  x 20 x  20 mm per piece
Weight : 110 grams approx per piece
Gem Type : Seven Chakra
Material : SBB Coil, Clear Cast Resin, Copper Shavings, Vibrating Crystal Quartz Point Wrapped with Copper Wire
MOQ : 10 pcs

The Orgone 7 Chakra Baby Reiki Pyramid Set comes complete with a Reiki Box, making it a convenient and stylish tool for reiki practitioners. Each pyramid is designed to represent one of the seven chakras, with a unique combination of crystals and metal shavings to help balance the energy within each chakra. Whether you are a seasoned reiki master or just starting to explore the practice, this set is sure to provide a useful addition to your toolkit.

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