Orgone Clear Quartz with Aqua Onyx Stone & Lapis Lazuli Energy Pyramid



Size ( W x H ) : 30  x 30 x  30 mm
Weight : 150 grams approx
Gem Type : Clear Quartz, Aqua Onyx, Lapis Lazuli
Material : SBB Coil, Clear Cast Resin, Copper Shavings, Vibrating Crystal Quartz Point Wrapped with Copper Wire, Reiki Symbol
MOQ : 10 pcs

The Orgone Clear Quartz with Aqua Onyx Stone with Lapis Lazuli Energy Pyramid is a stunning piece that is perfect for anyone who is looking to increase their spiritual connection and tap into their inner wisdom. The clear quartz amplifies the energy of the pyramid, while the aqua onyx and lapis lazuli work together to promote inner peace and spiritual growth.

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