Orgone 7 Chakra Stone Healing Coaster Dics Plate


Description :

Size: 4 inch
Weight :approx 50-55
Gemstone :Seven Chakra
Material : Orgone
MOQ: 25 Piece

Set of 7 Chakra Palm Stones, flat shape, polished and smooth, hand engraving golden tarot symbol for easy reference during holistic treatment.Comes with a velvet pouch as a gift. Each engraved stone is approximately 25x20x7mm(0.95×0.75×0.25 inches); Quantity: 7pc/pack; Weight: approx 50-55 grams/packet is used for Reiki, Healing, Meditation, Chakra Balancing, Concentration or Ritual. Can also be used in conjunction with a chakra wand. These palm stones can be fitted easily in your palm, and carry it with you in your pocket no matter where you go. The materials of the 7 Chakras correspond to different English Symbols: Amethyst-UNDERSTAND, Lapis Lazuli-I SEE), Green Aventurine-I LOVE, Gold Sand Stone-I FEEL, Red Jasper-I DO, Black Obsidian-I SPEAK, Tiger’s Eye-I AMThe picture is only for your reference, the size, color, and shape can vary slightly since this gemstone is created naturally and each one is unique.

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